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G.M. asks from Boston

Hi all. My 5 mos old DD has horrible eczema. We have tried Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Hydrolatum, Aveeno - nothing works. The ONLY thing that works is hydrocortisone cream, ...


Seeking Advice on Infant's Rash

J.P. asks from Miami

My 9 month old son developed a rash about a month ago around his neck and it has spread to his torso and diaper area. His pediatrician prescribed hydrocortisone cream...


Need Advice for Skin Issues- Looking for Dermatologist on the West or North Side

J.N. asks from Denver

After my daughter's birth I have had dry patches of skin behind my knees and on my thigh that I cannot seem to get rid of! They almost seem raised/puffy and can get ...


Help with Eczema

M.A. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his breakouts under control. The doctors are not so helpful on what is causing it (basically say...


Rash from Wedding/Engagement Rings

N.N. asks from Chicago

I've been married for nearly five years and just recently developed a rash under my wedding and engagements rings. Both are 18K white gold and I had them appraised, s...


Eczema Help

T.N. asks from San Francisco

Hi everyone I have a 6 month old baby girl and we are fighting eczema. I have tried hydrocortisone by itself, mixing it with lotion, Aquaphor, and other lotions. ...


Eczema Help

B.P. asks from Washington DC

My daughter (2-1/2 years old) had been dealing with eczema this winter. We've been to the pediatrician and he suggested both a hydrocortisone cream as well as a few ...


hemorrhoids...I Know They're Gross, but Help!!

A.B. asks from Chicago

It's been a week and a half since I had my nine and a half pound son and the hemorrhoids still hurt so bad I can't stand for more than five minutes and even sitting i...


My 15 Weeks Old Has Severe Eczema on Face - HELP!!

C.C. asks from Chicago

We are now on formula number 4 per our pediatrician to see if allergy related - from Enfamil Newborn, to Gentleease to Soy and now on a hypoallogenic one. His face se...


Help! First Time pregnancy/Mom at 36...whats with This Rash and My Feet?

F.V. asks from Lancaster

Can anyone give me advise on the type of cream or what it is that I can do about this lovely rash that has developed under both of my breasts? The Dr says use hydro-c...