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Seeking Moms

M.A. asks from Atlanta

Hi everyone, I am 23 and now 2 weeks late for my period, I know my body very well and don't feel like I am going to start at all. I have never missed my period before...


Can I Be Pregnant After Testing So Many Times?

I.B. asks from Washington DC

I took like 15 pregnancy home tests since the june 20th to now and all of them turned negative "i have been using the first response tests" i had a blood test 10 days...


Question About No Period, but Neg Preg Test....

C.A. asks from Washington DC

At almost 32, we are trying for baby #2. I am getting frustrated because it has been almost 6 months and we got prego the first time in only 2 months of active tryin...


Pregnancy Test Confusion

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Yesterday I took a First Response pregnancy test (the kind with the lines) at 15 days past ovulation and there was clearly a second line. It was very very faint, but ...


Missed Period

S.S. asks from Phoenix

I have missed my period for almost 2 months. Last period was June 27, 20006. I have taken 4 home pregnancy test and each one has shown Negative. i've never been irreg...


Does a Second Child EVER Stop Screaming and Shouting???

A.J. asks from Washington DC

I just wanted some opinions from mothers with more than one child about how their second (or more) children do with the whining and competing to be heard (screaming, ...


Transposition of the Great Vessels-Just Found on Ultrasound

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

We are adopting a baby due Feb 19th and we just found out the baby has Transposition of the Great Vessels. I have been researching this and I am scared out of my min...


C- Section Terror

L.S. asks from Austin

I just found out that my baby is breech, and i'm having a c-section next tuesday. I'm scared b/c don't know what to expect. My mind was on natural birth. I don't k...


Pediatrician in Hayward or Castro Valley

K.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi! We are giving birth in Eden Medical Center (anyone else who also did? new to the area and dont know alot of people), anyway we are now in search for a Pediatricia...


Can My Doctor Force Me to Be Induced?

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello. I am 31 weeks pregnant. My last baby was 9 lbs. 6 0z. I gave birth to him naturally and we were both fine. (except for the horrible reaction I had to an epidu...