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Did You Write a Birth Plan, What Did You Include and Was It Followed?

E.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am in the process of writing my birth plan. Just out of curiousity I would like to know if you wrote one, what did you include in it and if it was followed through....


Giving Birth at EIRMC in Idaho Falls, ID

A.K. asks from Pocatello

I am curious about what it is like to give birth at EIRMC in Idaho Falls, ID. My first baby was born in Florida with a wonderful midwife, my husband was working ther...


Have Any of You Ladies Given Birth Without Your Husbands There?

A.G. asks from Houston

I definitely wouldn't want this to happen. It looks like i may not have a choice in the matter due to his job, Its really complicated the reasons why so i will sum it...


Did Your Mother Share Her Birth Story with You, Did It Influence Your Birthing?

M.M. asks from Miami

Curious as to what perceptions you had about birthing, childbirth, pregnancy and how you feel it affected your pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum, breasfeeding or n...


Water Birth Vs. Epidural REVISED

S.L. asks from El Paso

Hey ladies, I have about 3 weeks left until my due date and have always been set on an epidural...but lately I have been interested in water birth. Have any of you do...


Interested in Hearing from Some Mamas About Their Birth Experiences!

B.E. asks from Dallas

I am a childbirth educator and I am calling for some feedback on your births. More specifically about your relationship with your MD and or Midwife regarding such th...


Opinions on VBAC- Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

C.N. asks from Boston

Two years ago I ended up having a last minute c-section with my daughter due to multiple factors- they said she was going to be 10 pounds and they'd have to break her...


Natural Birth with Identical Twins? Please Share Your Experiences.

S.V. asks from Minneapolis

I am 30 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls, have no complications, and would like to consider natural birth. I am being very closely watched by my ob and everyt...


Natural Birth After Having Epidurals Previously? Can I Do It?

C.D. asks from Austin

My first three kids were all born in a hospital, each time I had the epidural. This time I'm considering a birthing center. Mostly because it's a third of the cost ...


Vaginal Birth Vs. C-section Due

S.W. asks from Norfolk

My doctor has been talking to me for a while about having a planned C-section due to a tramatic first birth with my 9 lb 2 oz son. During my first delivery I had a t...