Holidays & Entertaining: The First Years

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What Does the Easter Bunny Do at Your House?

So Easter is one holiday I haven't quite figured out our traditions yet. If you celebrate with the Easter Bunny, what happens in your house? What does the Easter Bunny do? Does he just deliver the baskets or does he also hide the eggs? If you have more than one child do you separate the eggs to make it even or is it every man for himself? Does he fill the eggs with candy, money, toys?? Just can't imagine him running around in the dark hiding eggs ;) Need some ideas mamas!

Decorating Home

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Ds's 13 Birthday/back to School Party. Decorations/games/Food. Advice?

We have never officially done a birthday party for our son. First, because his birthday falls on a major holiday, most of his friends are out of town. Second, well he's a boy and has never been that interested. Well this year, he decided he wanted a party, so we are planning a birthday/back to school party. He has invited a lot of kids and that's fine because we are renting out the local community center and pool. The problem Im having is decorations and deciding how much food/cake to buy and serve. We hired a DJ so the kids can dance and...