Holiday Visits

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Family Relation Issue - I Feel Hurt.

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Here's the deal: I have a niece that was taken away from my side of the family when she was young. This prevented me from contacting her. When she became an adult,...


How Do You Handle the Holidays Splitting Time with Family??

3.B. asks from Cleveland

I know the holidays are a ways off, but I start stressing months ahead every year lol. Both my and my husbands families are local. Every year for thanksgiving we ...


Moving the Family Parties to My House, Not My Moms

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, Some background: I'm an only child, my mom is my only immediate family (besides hubby and kids) that is still living. When I was growing up, we all went to ...


Seeking a Great Family Practitioner!

A.C. asks from Boston

Before I began please do not respond to this post if you are going to scrutinize or criticize my family for the choices that we have made. This is not a debate over w...


Lopsided Family Representation

E.S. asks from New York

This isn't a crisis or anything but I'm more putting out feelers as to others who might be in the same situation. First and foremost, Happy New Year. It was a wild...


Special Holiday Traditions

K.S. asks from Boston

Hi Mommies, With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I have started thinking about special family traditions for our family. My husband and I have a little boy wh...


Husbands Family = My Worst Nightmare.

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm not a snob. I am average normal mom and wife who lives in a middle class life. I don't ask for much and I rather easy to please. I say all of this because I don't...


Dealing with Critical Family Members.

G.H. asks from Tucson

My daughters are both very serious athletes and have dedicated their lives to their sport. This was never pushed, it happened organically as they both have always lov...


Family and Foul Language

K.E. asks from Phoenix

The holidays are approaching and I have a bit of an issue. I was raised in a household that did not use foul language so the children learned by example that bad word...


Bf's Family and My Daughter Being Left Out

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

So I've been dating my bf for a year and a 1/2 and we live together and he treats her as if she's his own even though her dad is involved in her life (he's with her 7...