Holiday Visits

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Advice for Dealing with Family Situation

S.W. asks from New York

My mother in law has had a bedroom in our house since I met my husband. She has her own home 50 minutes away. . Typically she comes over and sleeps over every Wednesd...


Family Dilemma

K.L. asks from New York

My baby girl is scheduled to arrive via c-section on December 29. Both my mom and my husband's mom live out of town so when they visit they stay at our house. Of cour...


Holiday Hosting Duties and Overnight Guests?

L.H. asks from Seattle

Because of the size of my extended family and the size of my home, I am the designated holiday host, for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have found myself dreading...


Mad at Uninvolved Family (Vent)

B.D. asks from Wichita

I know that we have no right to "expect" either DH's or my family to help out with our children. But I have to say, it p*sses me off that they won't help us at all. W...


In-law Holiday Issues

H.H. asks from Philadelphia

My husband's parents are both deceased and he has one brother who lives far away. His brother is 40 and has a girlfriend who is in her late 20s. They moved about 2 ye...


How to Deal with Family Overnight Guests for the Holidays

K.B. asks from Denver

Hi all, I am seeking advice on a subject that must be plaguing tons of other mommies. How do I deal with family holiday visits? I am married with three young childr...


I Need Tips on How to Get Through the First Holiday as a Single Mom.

A.W. asks from Grand Rapids

I'm looking for anyone's advice on how to handle the holiday season as a single mother. This is all new for me, I only left my husband 5 months ago. He was cheating...


MIL Visits?

N.F. asks from Detroit

Okay, so a little background. My mom is not in the picture. My husband and I have our little girl just over 4 months ago. She is the only grandchild in mine and my hu...


How Frequently Does Your Family Speak To/ See the Grandparents?

J.M. asks from Chicago

I am curious how often your family visits or communicates with the grandparents? Also, how often you believe is sufficient or appropriate? I love spending time with...


Help with Deceased Husband's Family Gatherings

L.W. asks from Nashville

Okay, I don't normally plan this much in advance, but it's something that's really monopolizing my thoughts at this post-holiday time... I have a 5 year old boy who ...