Holiday Visits: Toddler

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P.C. asks from St. Louis

Our daughter lives on the East Coast


Family Christmas

L.M. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, I need to know if I’m off base here. My husband wants to spend Christmas with his family this year. We spent the first Christmas we were married with ...


Extended Family Vacation for First Christmas?

T.F. asks from Washington DC

Every year my Wife's siblings and their families got to disney world December 20th -January 2nd. MY wife and I have never gone because we didn't have kids. We have ju...


How to Come to Terms with Uninvolved Extended Family

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

We are expecting our 3rd child over the next couple of weeks. As with our previous births, family has never even asked if they could be of any assistance (ie. to wat...


HELP With the Family...

K.H. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any ideas on how to work out the family thing during the holidays....with the least amount of hurt feelings as possible. How does a married couple ba...


Extended Family Doesn't Want to Have Anything to Do with Us

K.M. asks from Denver

Sigh. Happy 4th of July, ladies. I just received the usual response to any invitation I offer my husband's sister and her husband "Sorry, thanks for asking, we won't...


How Do You Get Along with YOUR Family?

A.M. asks from Chicago

I'm in the middle of a huge email argument with my sister-in-law (and this is our first one, BTW), & I'm so stressed out & anxious about the whole thing. It started b...


Upset About the Holiday Season Why Does It Have to Be So Crazy??

S.T. asks from Kansas City

when I was growing up we didn't travel to see my family for holidays my dad was sick so it was just my dad mom and sister so needless to say when I got married I was ...


How Much Help Do You Expect (To Receive or Give) at a Family Holiday Dinner?

J.B. asks from Boston

Curious to see what others expect. I was raised to believe that no one other than the oldest and youngest relatives are really "guests" at a family gathering, that ev...


Help with a Holiday Article I'm Writing

M.P. asks from Tampa

Hello. I'm a writer and I've been assigned an article about small, holiday gifts for community folks like the teacher, mail person, hair stylist, or lawn service comp...