Holiday Visits: Adult Child

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Anxious About Upcoming post-Thanksgiving Extended Family Event

D.H. asks from New York

Update: Grandma was informed that dialysis center is closed that Thursday. This is going to get really interesting!!! Hello all. My family is planning a get-together...



P.C. asks from St. Louis

Our daughter lives on the East Coast


How to Come to Terms with Uninvolved Extended Family

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

We are expecting our 3rd child over the next couple of weeks. As with our previous births, family has never even asked if they could be of any assistance (ie. to wat...


Mother-in Law Never Visits

W.K. asks from Harrisburg

My mother in-law never visits us. She has other grandchildren, that when they were little, she would visit all the time and one in particular, she still does (he is ...


Family Gatherings with My Husbands Ex-wife?

P.P. asks from Nashville

My husband's son informed us he will no longer do two family gatherings for any occasion such as Christmas/Birthday/Thanksgiving, etc...and if we want to see him and ...


D3 kids...MIL Lifeees 10 Min away...NEVER Visits and RARELY Calls...

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

Ok Mommies... I finally joined this site, which I can relate to and hopefully give and get some advice... My MIL lives maybe 10 min away. I have a 4.5 daughter, 3.5...


What to Do About Adult Son's Girlfriend You Despise Vice Versa

L.H. asks from San Diego

I should have prefaced this with saying that I and my daughter caught her in the embrace, "new love" kind of goo goo eyes with another man almost a year ago. She wal...


Help! Inlaw Issues!

E.C. asks from Philadelphia

I'm looking for some suggestions and advice about dealing with in-laws and their visits. My inlaws live 2.5 hours away and visit for 3-4 days approximately every 3 to...


Holidays and In-laws

C.S. asks from Columbus

I'm hoping this isn't to long or too "woe is me" I need some help mamas My dd will be 2 before xmas. We live 2 hours away from all of our extended family. I ...


Moms of 20 Year Olds and Older

P.W. asks from San Francisco

I know it's normal, and healthy, when your child grows up and goes away and only wants to spend time with his friends. But what was your experience of your relations...