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Photography Studios or Photographer

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for a photographer or a photography studio around Mesa or Gilbert area. I am looking for someone who is affordable and does a good job. I would like to t...


Cooking Help

J.B. asks from Houston

Ok, ladies I need some help in the kitchen. I am 31 and married now for a little over a year and half with a beautiful nine month old son. I went to college at age ...


Cooking PumpKins???

M.R. asks from Salt Lake City

I wanted to make pumpkin soup with a big pumpkin I got a the store, but my sister just told me that you're not supposed to cook those pumpkins. I really don't know wh...


Cooking Club

A.G. asks from Pocatello

So I am in charge of a cooking club that I started with woman from my church. This Wednesday is the fist one. I planned to theme it every month and have everyone brin...


Knitting Needles on Planes??

M.M. asks from Colorado Springs

Does anybody know if tsa is allowing plastic knitting needles on planes. I have looked and they say maybe. I guess it's up to the security people to decide whether yo...


Fun DIY Projects for House Decor?

P.M. asks from Denver

Hi moms, we just had our house painted and upon moving everything back where it goes I have found I want to change things up! I am tired of most of our old pictures/d...


Sewing Classes in Frisco?

J.G. asks from Dallas

I am pretty sad at sewing - but would really like to learn how to make some cute clothes for my little girl. I know how to cut a pattern, pin, etc. And I can hand sew...


Wedding Photography Pricing

K.L. asks from Dallas

My husband, an excellent but not professional photographer, has recently been asked by two coworkers to take photos at their separate weddings. They have seen his pho...


Sewing Training Pants

C.L. asks from Dallas

i am a new sewer and would like to sew some cloth training pants for my son. i have looked online for some ideas but i was going to see if there were any classes that...


"How To:" Cooking Classes?

L.W. asks from Dallas

I have some expertise and talent that I would like to be able to share with others and add a bit to our household budget. I grew up in Amish country and have cooked m...