Hobbies: The First Years

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Replacing Dishwasher - DIY???

S.M. asks from Milwaukee

We need to replace our dishwasher. I have picked one out, but the installation price was sooo high (we have to pull permits for plumbing and electrical in the city we...


Sewing Machine Frustration

R.U. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a Brother XL - 6452. I've had difficulty with it from the very beginning. It was over $200. It's not working right now. Should I get it repaired? Should I sell...


Bored Out of My MIND

D.M. asks from Anchorage

Hello Ladies, So, I'm a SAHM to my little boy. He's about 4 months old. I have a lot of fun with him when he's awake. I love spending time with him. The thing is,...


Being Honest (Or Not) About Wife's Cooking

C.B. asks from Dallas

If my wife cooks or bakes something that I didn't really care for, should I tell her the truth or just keep quiet? I'm smart enough to know to eat it regardless. And...


In Need of Photography.....

H.B. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone! I am normally really good at doing pics of my daughter who is 9 months old. We have been going though a VERY rough time with her health lately. We are...


Cleaning Wipes for Breast/nipple and for Medela Pump Parts and Storage Bags

N.B. asks from New York

Hi, I'm stocking up for breastfeeding supplies and wanted to know... Do I have to use the cleansing pads specifically sold to clean your breast before breastfeeding...


Is This an Early Sign?

L.D. asks from Topeka

I have a 10year old boy. His class is small 2 or 3 boys and 10 girls, since they started kindergarten, so obviously the boys and girls play together. I am now startin...


Negative Thoughts About Husband, Just a Phase or Real Trouble?

K.D. asks from Denver

Ladies, I really enjoy reading the Mamasource posts - so much good information. I always smirk though, when I read the descriptions of how everyone is married to "the...


How Do Moms Do It?

A.S. asks from Norfolk

I'm wondering how moms do it?? I'm a SAHM of two, ages 2.5 years and 9 months. As like many in the area, my husband is in the military and gone frequently so I ofte...


Help! Need Home-made Christmas Gift Ideas!

M.B. asks from Dallas

I have a huge family so we usually draw names at Christmas (except for the kiddos). This year we decided to make our gifts rather than buying them. There's not a li...