Hobbies: The First Years

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Replacing Dishwasher - DIY???

We need to replace our dishwasher. I have picked one out, but the installation price was sooo high (we have to pull permits for plumbing and electrical in the city we live in). The salesperson at Lowes told us it is very easy to do when following the instructions. Has anyone done this?? Can we really do it ourselves? My husband is only somewhat handy and I'm clueless. Thoughts?


Bored Out of My MIND

Hello Ladies, So, I'm a SAHM to my little boy. He's about 4 months old....


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Books to Read Once They Are Born

Hello all! I have been reading books on pregnancy- now I am looking for any recommendations on once the child is born..what to do! FIrst months, or first years.... Please advise. I need to become educated! THank you so much for your time.


My Baby Can Read

Ok so i have seen it on TV and would like to know what all of you moms think...


Best Toddler Books

I was just wondering which books have the best information about Toddlers....

Reading or Book Club

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How Many of You Read the Mommy Blogs?

I only read the Mamapedia blog topics like once every few weeks. How about all of you? I prefer to get right to the Q & A and rarely notice that the site even has the blogs.