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Can Prolonged Use of Hydrocortisone Cream Affect Growth of Child?

Hello moms. My 18 month old boy has chronic eczema since he was 6 months old and have been using a hydrocortisone cream prescribed by our pediatrician. We have been applying this cream, a 2.5% formulation cream since he was an infant with varying degrees of eczema relief. He has needed it on a daily basis and we have been applying it twice a day to his ankles, wrists and behind the knee--the areas that are affected. We also use Aquaphor and pretoleum jelly emollients to relieve his dry skin. We have not asked our pediatrician though...


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Baby Oil Causing a Rash

Hi all, Monday night when my two oldest daughters, 7yrs and 5yrs, took their shower they put Baby Oil in their hair, alot of it. Since they went to bed right after we didn't notice until the next day. Figuring the oil should soften their hair and be safe we left it in until Tuesday night when my 5yr old starting crying because her neck hurt. The baby oil had given her a rash so bad it looks like poison ivy, red and blotchy with little hives all over her neck, shoulders, chest and scalp! So we put her in the shower right away along with our...


Could It Be Eczema?

My 6 y/o daughter has always had dry skin. I put lotion on her all the time...



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Soap/Shampoo Recommendations for Infant W/ Eczema

My 4 month old daughter is dealing with eczema. It seems to be brought on by the colder weather and changes in humidity. (We've been using a humidifier in her room to help.) I have used dreft detergent since she was born without any problems, however, I am thinking of switching to ALL free and clear to see if that helps. I lather her up with Aquaphor multiple times a day and that does seem to give her the most relief. I also use an Aveeno lotion once in a while. I use cortizone on the big flare ups as needed, but it's worse around her...

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Anti-itch Cream During Pregnancy

Hi mommies, I am 13 weeks pregnant and have developed these itching red-bump on my belly. Has any one of you hAve this during pregnancy? if yes, please share your remedies. Is it safe to use an anti-itch cream that contain 1% hydrocortisone? If I could I would like to avoid using the cream but the itch is getting unbearable today. I will be seeing my OB this week and will ask her if she has any recommendation. Thanks a bunch!