Hives: Epi Pen

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J.S. asks from Missoula

My 17 month is getting hives on his hands and feet, and sometimes his face. The hives appear about twice a day with no real pattern. Sometimes it's in the morning bef...



M.D. asks from Cincinnati

My 4 year old son starting breaking out with hives a week ago. I called the doctor, who told me more than likely it's an allergic reaction to something. I could bring...



C.R. asks from Birmingham

If you or your child has ever had hives I have some questions: How long did the hives last (please include whether or not you used any medication)? Did you find the c...



C.M. asks from Visalia

My 11 year has had hives for a week. I think it is the Benedrly! I usally give the dye free kind but my husband bought the pink pills. What should I do? I stopped gi...



S.V. asks from Philadelphia

The 1st time I ever had hives was about 5 years ago. From then until about May I would maybe get them 2 times a year and benedryl would remedy it. In May I got hives ...



L.A. asks from Washington DC

My son seems to be breaking out in hives pretty regularly for the past 3 days. We have not changed any laundry, soaps, etc... or introduced any new foods. They look...


Child Has Hives

K.D. asks from Dallas

I took my 18 month old to the doctor today with hives. She had one spot last night and when she woke up her legs were all broken out. Within hours it continued to s...


Baby with Hives?

M.O. asks from Albuquerque

Hi. My 5-month-old baby seems to keep getting what looks like Hives. I took him to the Pediatrician, and he said it looked like Hives too. But, the Dr. didn't real...


Lemonade and Hives?

J.G. asks from Chicago

We ate dinner tonight at a local place we usually do take out from. My son ended up having a hive reaction. The only thing he had tonight that he usually doesn't have...


Hives!!!! They Are Horrible

C.W. asks from Tampa

I have a bad case of the Hives. Head to toe.. I have had them for 3 days now. I have been to the ER with an IV and pumped with Benedryl and some other stuff. I have b...