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T.A. asks from New York

I've written about this before when my son was 15 months. He is now 22 months. Since then he has gone throughN phases of hitting. Pretty much just me. Well he's back ...



T.E. asks from Richmond

Okay ladies! My son who is only 1, he will be 2 next month, is into hitting and being mean. I have tried everything I can think of, even hitting him back so he can s...



M.F. asks from New London

My son has always been a little aggressive in nature since he was born. He is 14 months old now and has in the past few days starting hitting my husband and I when h...



C.V. asks from Miami

Hi. Thanks to all who helped with my previous issue. Emily is doing great in the car seat now. Emily is a happy, fun and loving 18 month old. She has recently started...



J.W. asks from Seattle

My daughter, this week, took up a habit of hitting me when she is mad. I do not know where she got this idea that it is okay. I have disiplined her whenever she does ...



V.A. asks from Dayton

My daughter is four. She has been in daycare for a while. They are now telling me that she has been hitting a few of her friends. The parents are telling on her. I do...



E.G. asks from York

Hi, everyone. I'm asking this for my sister. We live a mile apart. Her little boy is 16 months old, mine is 14 months old. Her little guy is hitting a lot and she is ...



J.J. asks from Boston

My 20 month old just starting hitting, mostly just myself and my husband and occassionaly our dog. He does not do this at daycare and does not do it to other kids. We...


2 Yr Old Boy Hitting Others at Day Care

J.K. asks from Minneapolis

I dont know what to do so I am writting here for help. now a days when I go to the day care to pick my son, I get a long lecture from the teacher about his hands(hit...


2 1/2 Year Old Won't Stop Hitting Others

H.C. asks from Los Angeles

Looking back, it seems as though my 2 1/2 year old little girl was born with a poor temperament opposite of me. Not that i look for that in her; i have always been a ...