Hitting: Toddler, Teddy Bears

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Dirty Teddy Bears!

C.R. asks from Cleveland

My now 2-yr. old received her fair share of teddy bears over the last 2 years - most of them are WHITE! Adorable, but what were they thinking?! Can anyone share the...


Help with 16 Month Old Hitting Mom When Getting Disciplined

C.G. asks from Scranton

Hello Everyone, This is my first post and people always get such wonderful advice I thought I might try to get some advice too. My 16 month old son has started t...


My 2 Year Old Is Hitting Me and Other Family Members.

H.G. asks from Abilene

My sweet little girl is 2 on April 5th. She has turned in to a hitting machine. When she is told no, when someone is looking at her, when someone smiles at her she wi...


5-Yr-old Back Talk and Hitting

B.L. asks from Chicago

My (usually well-behaved) 5-yr-old daughter has become very sassy with me (SAHM) in recent months. When I request her to do something, she often has a response, a neg...


How Do I Prepare My 19 Month Old Daughter for a New Baby?

P.C. asks from New York

I have a beautiful 19 month old daughter, Autumn, and I am due to have another baby at the end of next month. I am more worried about how she is going to react about...


My 2 Month Old

A.B. asks from Springfield

My 2 month old wont sleep anywhere except in our recliner with me. We bought her a swing thinking that would help. I'll get her to sleep and put her in her swing and ...


13 Month Old Not Communicating His Needs and Is Not Affectionate

C.P. asks from Washington DC

I have a darling little 13 month old son that is meeting all of his deveopmental milestones and then some but is not pointing, communicating with us, and does not lik...


Christmas Gifts for a 4 Month Old?

A.A. asks from Washington DC

Hello Ladies, I am a single mother of a 4 month old boy. This obviously will be his first christmas, however, he will not understand the concept. Even though he wi...


School Shooting :'(!

P.S. asks from Chicago

So I have been watching all day about the school shooting. Parker my son who is 4 seen some of it on the news and let me tell you that was a very stressful and heartf...


Decorating 2-Year-old's Bedroom!

J.F. asks from Little Rock

Okay, I have NO idea how to do this. I want to decorate my daughter's bedroom but I don't know what pictures to hang or anything. She's not a 'princess' type, preferr...