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Help! Need to Know How to Control 6Yr Old Boy!!!

W.W. asks from Indianapolis

Calling out for help! My 6 year old boy is in first grade. He is doing very well with math, reading, etc. It’s his behavior in class. He won’t stop pay at...


Help with Thumb Sucking

T.J. asks from Fresno

I have twins that are 5 1/2 and a three year old. One twin was addicted to a little bear we affectionately named Stinky and we took it away from her at about age 3 a...



J.P. asks from Oklahoma City

We are going on vacation at the end of this month. We've decided to drive instead of fly so I'm wondering if anyone has any great suggestions for long road trips wi...


Birthday Party Ideas for 3 Year Old?

K.C. asks from Minneapolis

Any suggestions on what to do to entertain the kids at a small birthday party for my three year old daughter? I'm willing to consider hiring someone to come in (if n...


Toy Ideas for 1 Year Old Who Doesn't like "Toys"

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My little guy turns 1 in a couple of weeks and I'm racking my brain on what to get him. Thanks to his older brother, we have a house full of toys, but what my little ...


What's Your 2-Year Olds Favorite Toy/game/activity?

P.W. asks from Washington DC

My son recently turned 2 and I'm always looking for new things to do with him. Every weekend it's a struggle to come up with something - it's been really too hot to...


When Your Child Is the Bitee

A.H. asks from Rockford

Need advice- my 3 year old daughter is the victim of a biter. The biter is my best friend's son who is 2 1/2. He used to bite a lot when he was younger and it seeme...


3Rd Grade Winter Party Ideas

S.Y. asks from Chicago

Hello I am in charge of planning and enlisting assistance for my son's 3rd grade winter party next friday. I am behind in planning. Need some ideas for a craft proj...


Camping - Food & Games

K.B. asks from Dallas

I'm trying to plan a camping trip with my husband & daughters (ages 3 & 5). We'd like to go to Dinosaur State Park in Glen Rose. Can you give me ideas on simple...


Seeking Good Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

A.D. asks from Detroit

Any suggestions on what 4 year old little girls like? I need to buy my niece a gift, please help.