Hitting: Older Child

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Daugher Hitting Others and Self

L.F. asks from San Francisco

When my daughter gets frustrated, she hits me or my husband! When we tell her "no" or give her a time out, she hits herself! Is this a stage in the "terrible twos" or...



L.A. asks from Springfield

Hello moms! My two year old son has started hitting his sister (5). For the most part, they play really well, however, there are times when they frustrate each other...



K.A. asks from Sacramento

My son is 10 mos (almost as big as the 22mo and walking)and my nephew is 22 mos. They both hit each other and other people, especially when they are excited. How can ...



C.V. asks from Miami

Hi. Thanks to all who helped with my previous issue. Emily is doing great in the car seat now. Emily is a happy, fun and loving 18 month old. She has recently started...



P.W. asks from Washington DC

Okay, Moms. I need your advice - especially from those of you who are currently going through this or have conquered the battle. When my 14 month old son gets frust...


Problem with Hitting

M.B. asks from Detroit

I am a mother of 6 who is really puzzled with this. My god-son who I watch every other weekend has become increasingly aggressive. He is 17 months old and his mother'...


Hitting Problems?

A.W. asks from Killeen

Hi, I have a three year old who is very sweet, but tends to think everything should be hers and has no problems hitting, pushing, or kicking to get the toy, be the fi...


My Child Is Hitting Himself.

J.F. asks from Orlando

My son is 17mnths old, he's bright and always full of life. There are 2 things that worry me however. He hits himself in the head. His father and I have never hit...


"Hitting Problem"

J.L. asks from Atlanta

Hi, my name is J.. I have a 6 year old son. Right now we are going through some behavior problems as far as him "hitting" someone just because they do or say somethin...


Hitting and Kicking

M.C. asks from Boston

This seems like a basic question, but perhaps exhaustion and frustration have rendered me useless. My son is a wonderful two-year-old, who's developed a new-found lov...