Hitting: Baby Einstein

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Toddler Hitting

R.M. asks from Portland

My friend's 2 1/2 year old is into hitting. She has violent tantrums of hitting, kicking, and screaming. She also hits when she is not in a tantrum too. Any advice...


Hitting Child

S.T. asks from Boca Raton

I'm in need of advice on my 22 month old son who hits only at me, noone else. He is not talking yet (with the exception of a few very basic words), so I don't know h...


Looking for DVD Ideas for a 14 Month Old.

M.E. asks from Dallas

I am completely burned out on Baby Einstein. Are there any other ideas for DVDs that a 14 month old boy would enjoy?


1St Birthday!

C.L. asks from Charleston

My son's first birthday is coming up in February. I haven't decided yet what to do for his party. We will probably just have family over at my parent's house. It w...


Learning Video Recommendation

T.P. asks from Atlanta

Can anyone recommend some good learning videos for teaching toddlers counting and abc's. We do alot of singing and playing games that include these things, but I wou...


Seeking Advice Re Letting a Baby Watch TV

C.M. asks from Chicago

My very active and very engaging 6 month old daughter Olivia absolutely loves watching Baby Einstein DVDs. Her favorites are the two art ones--Baby Monet and Baby Va...


Good Dvd's for 11 Month Old on Plane

E.N. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone. We are flying with our 11 month old next week and are thinking about taking a portable DVD playere. We usually don't let him watch a lot of TV but tho...


Best Educational Video in General for 16 Month Old

J.R. asks from Miami

I try to utilize TV/DVDs sparingly -- up to one hour to one hour and 20 minutes a day depending on weather, if hubby can help, health etc.... It is also the only thin...


Baby Who Watches Cartoons

Y.D. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if their were any other mothers whose baby (under a year old) really liked to watch cartoons. I thought that it was ok for him to watch cartoons with ...


Necessary to Have Both a Jumper and an Exercise Saucer?

M.S. asks from Chicago

I'm a very practical person, so when I became pregnant with my first son, I checked with friends to see what I could get second-hand before registering for new produc...