Hiring an Electrician

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Ceiling Fan Installation

J.I. asks from Dallas

I am looking for someone reliable and reasonably priced to install 3 ceiling fans in my home. I live in Allen. Any recommendations?


Putting up Christmas Lights

D.H. asks from Dallas

Would like to find someone that will put up Christmas Lights on our house. We are in the Grapevine Colleyville Euless area.


Christmas Lighting-$1,500 Estimate! YIKES!

D.M. asks from Houston

Today I received a rather shocking estimate for simple Christmas lighting for outdoors... I just need to have some pre-lit wreaths installed (9 total) Does anybody ...


Suggestions for Keeping the Rooms Warm in Winter

M.G. asks from Chicago

Two of our kids rooms are build on top of the garage.It makes their rooms colder in winter,specially the floors.Are space heaters, either floor or wall mounted safe e...


Re; Rotator Cuff surgery...can Anyone Recommend a Doctor???

K.S. asks from Chicago

my hubby has a complete rotator cuff tear...was wondering if anyone out there has or knows of anyone that has had this surgery and can recommend a good doctor...we we...


Looking for Lighting Inspiration for Someone with No Sense of Design

K.B. asks from Boston

My little 1955 ranch needs some updating and probably some new lighting. I was wondering if anyone could share some inspiration. First, in my two yo's room I have o...


Roofing Repair Needed

A.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms! Thank you for all of your great feedback on my previous inquiries! I have a new one: we need someone to come out and look at our roof that is leaking. I h...


Looking for a Jeweler

S.B. asks from Gainesville

Looking to buy a wedding ring for my soon to be hubby and also somewhere that can be reliable for cleaning, fixing, resizing, etc. I know that there are tons of place...


Seeking Advice on Collecting Payment for Services Performed

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone! I am looking for some suggestions or advice. Here is my problem: We are a floor covering tile setters. Subcontractor! I got a call from my emplo...


Anyone Have Experience with the Ultrasonic Pest Control

J.B. asks from Billings

We have spiders in our house and know we have seen signs of mice as well. I hate using the poison and hate setting traps. We have two young kids 5 & 1, as well as a...