Hiring an Electrician

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J.B. asks from Kansas City

Anyone else doing this? We got a late start and are playing catch up! It's very frustrating trying to get all the lessons done. Cannot wait for the new semester to...


Military Family Moving to the VA Beach Area and Looking for Others from the Area

B.L. asks from Norfolk

Hello, My family and I are moving Virginia Beach in two weeks and am looking for some other families with similiar interests that I could chat with and learn the a...


Looking for Workers for Complete Home Fix-up

J.A. asks from Denver

Hi all. I have purchased a bank owned home in SE Aurora that needs just about everything done inside and out. It is just me and my two boys and we are looking for s...


Horrible Smell Coming Through the Vents

A.E. asks from Chicago

Last year we smelled an odor that we thought was a dead squirrel. It was only coming into two of the four bedrooms through the ducts so we covered those vents and ke...


Basement Bedrooms or Garage Conversion?

C.M. asks from St. Louis

I'm looking to the future (say in 2-3 years) and if the market stays the way it is, we'll have to add on more bedrooms instead of selling/buying another house. That b...


How Do I Get Rid of Static Electricity?

C.M. asks from Clarksville

My house seems laden with static electricity. I think it is actually interferring with my baby monitors. Any ideas on how to decrease it? Thanks


Need a Good HONEST Plumber

E.S. asks from Dallas

Hello ladies! I need to have a plumber come repair a leaking toilet in my guest bathroom,but I don't feel comfortable picking one blindly out of the yellow pages...


Hot Tub-worth the Money?

P.N. asks from Denver

We're thinking of getting a hot tub. Does anyone have one? What's a good ballpark to spend on one of good quality? How's the upkeep? Still glad you bought it, or do y...


Need Handyman to Repair Cosmetic Things to Sell Home

J.T. asks from Dallas

We are currently getting our home ready to place on the market. We have done a few repairs on our own, but need someone with some expertise in certain areas: plumbin...


Another Salon Question

T.W. asks from Syracuse

I read an earlier post about calling a salon and asking for prices. Is it tacky to ask how much the service will cost while you're actually sitting in the chair? I ...