Hiring a Decorator

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Interior Design / Ideas Needed

A.F. asks from Detroit

My family's moving into a new house in a few months and we need all the ideas possible for paint choices, furniture and decorations. Are there any good sites or book...


Decorating/Colors And Design

K.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies, I am wondering if any of you have a great easy website to skip through looking for different room designs, styles & colors. Basically we are planning t...


Seeking Diaper Bag Design Input

T.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi: I am a stay at home mother of three who is in the process of designing diaper bags for my new company and was wondering what you as mothers and/or mothers to b...


Know of an Interior Painter for Kid's Rooms?

S.N. asks from Dallas

I'd like to paint the kid's rooms a fun new color with accented color stripes. If it was a single color job, Southern Painting would do fine. But I'd like to see abo...


Seeking Interior Designer in Round Rock Area

C.M. asks from Austin

We bought a house 2 months ago. I need to find an interior designer who can help us turn a formal living room into a home office/library/study. We need someone who ca...


Interior Design&Decor

E.G. asks from Dallas

Hi moms!! We recently moved into our new home and I am having the hardest time picking out furniture and decorating our home. Is there a furniture place you recommend...


I Need Information.

D.T. asks from Muncie

Hi ladies. I'm looking for an interior decorator, someone reliable and not too expensive. I'm wanting help with my daughter's room and if all goes well I would lik...


Interior Design Recommendation Needed for Family Room

J.W. asks from Charleston

Hi Moms, I decided to take to the net and see what type of feedback I got for ideas to decorate a family room. At this point I'm thinking of painting the walls b...


Need a Good Eye for Interior Design

R.S. asks from Chicago

We just moved in to a small but pretty apartment. The dining/living room is beige/cream colored, and the walls are white (we're not allowed to paint them so that's t...


Remodeling: Need Design Advice Concerning Light Fixtures

A.D. asks from San Antonio

We bought a brand new house a few months ago and are about to start painting and replacing light fixtures. Do my new fixtures all have to match in terms of finish an...