Hiring a Decorator

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Interior Decorating Help in Keller Area

V.S. asks from Dallas

I am looking for someone to help with interior decorating. I have a new home in the Keller area and don't know where to start... I do not want the pretentious model h...


Interior Decorator

T.D. asks from Raleigh

Good Evening, I just purchased a new home.. I need some who can come in and decorate my new home and give it a nice classy elegant look for an affordable price. I ...


Seeking Interior Decorating Help in Hinsdale Area

B.T. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'm moving to Hinsdale in a couple of weeks and really need an interior decorator to help with my new home. I need advice on everything from floors, paint color...


Seeking Info on Using an Interior Decorator

N.B. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know how their services are priced - by the room, by the hour?


Using an Interior Decorator

X.O. asks from Chicago

Have any of you used it in order to get the biggest bang for your buck? I don't want to waste too much time and money buying items that might not function/look the...


Looking for a Reasonable and Talented Interior Decorator In/near Frisco

J.Z. asks from Dallas

Hi, We are moving into a new house and would like some input/ideas on decorating before we spend a lot of money on furniture that doesn't really go together. We w...


Seeking Reliable Interior Decorator

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hello everybody, my house is in need of some serious updating, but we are dealing with a budget, so I am looking for a designer who is reliable and can work on a bud...


Master Bedroom Interior Decorating

E.F. asks from Los Angeles

Sorry moms to ask a question off topic, but does anyone have some advice on how to go about looking for a bed and bedding for our master bedroom? We are redoing the ...


How Do I Find an Interior Designer/decorator?

N.Z. asks from Atlanta

I am looking for an interior decorator/designer. I have asked my friends and noone seems to have a recommendation. I have a 5 bdrm home that I have no idea what to do...


Interior Design Help? Wanting Help.

M.T. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, I am so bored with my home and am wanting to really decorate it and make it " special " and feel like home. Even my fiance who has no interest in ho...