Hiring a Decorator

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Bathroom Remodel

J.V. asks from Phoenix

Hi All, We need to remodel our bathroom. Can anyone recommend a good reliable person who is trustworthy, does excellent work at reasonable prices? Really don't want ...


Drapery Repair

R.F. asks from Dallas

I recently took down floor-to-ceiling drapes to have them cleaned. Unfortunately the sun has ruined the backing and my dry cleaners won't clean the drapes for fear th...


Seeking Advice on Helping My Daugher Make New Friends

D.P. asks from St. Louis

Ladies, please tell me that I'm not the only one out there who has ever fretted about their childs social life, or in my daughter's case, lack of social life. Summer...


Mother in Law Hlep!

G.C. asks from Chicago

I will try to explain the "short" version of the situation. My mother in law watches my daughter (18 month old) three days a week. My husband and I knew from the be...


JFF: What Is Challenging for You and What Is Effortless?

A.C. asks from Huntington

Just for fun: What is one thing that seems to come effortlessly to most others, but is very difficult for you to do, even when you are trying very hard? On the fl...


Know a Good Home Stager?

J.H. asks from Chicago

We're trying to sell our house and think a home stager would be a good idea at this point. The challenge is that we do still live in our home and have 4 young childr...


Suggestion Please....

C.M. asks from Dallas

I have done bachelors in engineering, (electronics) . But I didn't do job till now, due to some family situation. I an 30 yrs old. I just want to know is there any ag...


Reasonable Home Decorator

T.T. asks from Phoenix

Hi gals- I would like to know if any of you know a "home decorator"-- I need advice on colors, patterns, paint, etc... but I want to do all the work myself. I simply...


Wood Floors

S.M. asks from Dallas

I'm looking into getting wood floors in my family/living/dining area. I've tried the laminate before and it scratched very easily, so I don't want that. does anyone...


Can Anyone Recommend a Good Pediatric Destist in the Hollywood Area?

D.L. asks from Miami

Can anyone recommend a good pediatric destist in the Hollywood area? I need to take my 4 year old for his first dental check up. Thanks!