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Beer & Pregnancy

S.F. asks from New York

My home pregnancy test is positive, unfortunately not knowingly that I am, I had 3 bear bottles each for 4 nights last week, will it affect to my pregnancy? Please he...


Pregnancy After 35?

A.M. asks from Houston

Hello, I'm just curious about pregnancy after 35....I'll be 35 this year and we are considering expanding our family. I had a rough 1st pregnancy with multiple bouts ...


Painful Pregnancy??

J.S. asks from Tampa

So here's what's going on... I'm 24 weeks, and I've been in immense pain my entire pregnancy. At first it was just crampy, sometimes shooting pains in my very lowe...


Tubal Pregnancy

A.J. asks from Kalamazoo

I had a tubal pregancy my right tube exploded so I had emergacy sergury I was seven and a half weeks, but my dilema is now my left tube has a bump n it could it be an...


Prednisone and Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Boca Raton

I recently caught a bad case of bronchitis which flared up my asthma. I had to go on prednisone steroid for 5 days in order to breathe. My doctor told me that if yo...


Signs of Pregnancy

A.P. asks from Cleveland

I am wondering what signs there are that you are pregnant before doing a pregnancy test. I did an ovulation kit about a week ago to find out when i ovulate because m...


Pregnancy Workout??

S.R. asks from San Antonio

I just found out that baby #3 is on the way, and the recent years have been a struggle to lose the weight from the first and second pregnancies. I'm worried that wit...


"Royal Pregnancy"

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

So I am reading the paper and the headline is "Rare Illness Complicates British Royal Pregnancy". I read the article and found that the "rare illness" is what they a...


Pregnancy Weight????

K.L. asks from Minneapolis

I recently went to the doctor's office to have my annual pregnancy check-up. I am pregnant with our fourth child due in the middle of March (so that puts me at 25week...


Nursing Through Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

I have decided to nurse my 14 month old through my pregnancy and I am wondering if other mothers have done the same, and what their expierence was like? I also would...