High Risk Factors

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Can Anyone Recommend a Good Ob/Gyn That Deals with High Risk Pregnancies?

S.H. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a good Ob/Gyn that has privileges at Baylor Dallas. I'm considered high risk so I need someone that deals with high risk patients.


Seeking Perinatologist or OB Specializing in High Risk Pregnancies

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! Looking for recommendations for a perinatologist or OB specializing high risk pregnancies. I'm newly pregnant, still nursing my 9 month old and had her 8.5 w...


Seeking a Recommendation for a OB-GYN for High Risk Twins

E.L. asks from Chicago

Hello all, Yesterday we confirmed that we are pregnant with twins. As I am 38 and these will be my first, we are termed high risk. We are thinking we will need t...


Need Recomendations for Doc in South Bay for High Risk Pregnancy ASAP

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Ladies, I need recomendations of an OB/GYN who specializes in HIGH RISK PREGNANCIES in the SOuth Bay area (we're in Redondo Beach). I have had 4 miscarriages in ...


Seeking High Risk OBGYN That Specializes in Multiples (San Fernando Valley)...

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hello All, I am looking for recommendations for anyone who LOVES their OB. I am in need of a high risk doctor preferably that specializes in multiple deliveries. I...


Needing Support. Normal Pregnancy Has Become High Risk.

B.D. asks from Dallas

O.K. I'm 28 and am 5 months prenant. I have a healthy 2 year old boy. I suffer from a thyroid disease that is under control using Levothyroxin. During my 1 or 2nd mon...


Seeking a New Ob/gyn That Deals with High Risk Also Who Is One on One

K.M. asks from Detroit

Hello moms i am looking to switch my ob/gyn. I don't want to but need to because I don't want to deliver in bfe. I really like my ob but he switched hospitals after m...


Advice on High Risk Pregnancy/bedrest

R.M. asks from Boston

I'm new to the site, not a mom yet, and looking for advice on better coping with my pregnancy.. hoping to put some of my fears at ease. I am 37, had preterm labor th...


Seeking Moms with High Risk Pregnancy

G.F. asks from New York

Just this last April I found out I was pregnant after being told I couldn’t have anymore children. I am five months pregnant and had my second trimester sonogram, ...


High Risk Pregnancies

T.C. asks from Atlanta

I am about 6 wks pregnant and i cant find a doctor who accepts medicaid and will take me i want to deliver in presbyterian dallas and i really need help this is just ...