High Cholesterol: Toddler

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My Kids Have High Cholesterol

J.G. asks from New York

Yesterday my kid's doctor did blood work on them that i requested and she said they have high cholesterol. I never heard of such a thing since they are so young. She ...


High Cholesterol While Pregnant

S.N. asks from Chicago

I am expecting my second baby and recently had my annual physical and was told my cholesterol was on the high range of normal , I found this to be very surprising sin...


High Cholesterol/ Triglycerides

R.D. asks from Richmond

My BFs physical results just came back, and he has high cholesterol (the bad kind) and high triglycerides... what does this mean? I feel like such a dummy, I am usual...


Any Young Moms with High Cholesterol...???

A.B. asks from Stockton

Im 26 years old and I went in for my physical...got all the blood work done and was so nervous to hear the results...turns out I have high cholesterol...at first I wa...


High Cholesterol.....Grrrrr

J.C. asks from New York

Well, today I got my blood resuts back from a recent doctor's visit and surprise, surprise I have high cholesterol. I have, admittedly, been slacking on my diet and ...


Kids & Cholesterol

L.D. asks from New York

My 5 year old recently had his cholesterol checked at his 5 year check up because my husband has high cholesterol. His Total = 196 HDL = 39 TRG = 151 (Trigcylerides...


Does Anybody Else's Toddler Have High Cholesterol???

A.H. asks from Dallas

At my 2 year old daughter's 2 year appointment they suggested that she have a blood screen for her cholesterol since high cholesterol runs in our family (it's a hered...


Cholesterol and Whole Milk

A.Z. asks from San Francisco

My husband told me last night that he heard (I think from the news or something like that) if there is a history of high cholesterol in your family, and especially if...


Cholesterol Check-up?

A.P. asks from New York

For my son's 5-year old well visit, the doctor does a routine blood test to check cholesterol. I wonder if this is really necessary for a 5-year old healthy boy who w...


Food Ideas for a Lactose Intolerant 5 Year Old with High Cholesterol

R.L. asks from New York

My five year old son was just diagnosed with high cholesterol. He's also lactose intolerant. He's not heavy and his weight is in proportion to his height. Does any...