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Should I Be Worried?

A.P. asks from Fort Wayne

I'm schedueled for a c-section on friday...the thing is I dunno if I'm leaking amniotic fluid or not...it feels like I'm constantly leaking from down there...I have t...


Dilated and Waiting

L.G. asks from Albuquerque

I am a mother of 2 who is in my 38th week of pregnancy and at my last ob appointment my doctor said I was dialated to 2 amd 60 pecent efaced she stripped my membranes...


What to Really Expect When I Miscarry at 14 Weeks

K.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Moms, I am really in need of some information here. I went to my 13 week appointment on Monday and we could not find a heartbeat on the ultrasound anymore (we saw it...


Pregnant with Baby No. 2 and I'm Extremely Exhausted

S.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mamas, I'm 6 months pregnant with our second child and its been almost 5 years since i've been pregnant with our daughter. I don't remember being this exhausted...


Waiting for Miscarriage

A.T. asks from Boise

I found out 2.5 weeks ago that my pregnancy is not viable. I was 8 weeks then. I scheduled a D&C for 2.5 week (tomorrow) to try to give my body some time to pass na...


Scheduled C Section Vs. VBAC

G.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Hello wonderful mamas! I've got a long post/question this time around. I am entering my 35th week of pregnancy and lost an aunt 4 weeks ago. It was all very sudden an...



K.N. asks from Philadelphia

Last Thursday I took 2 pregnancy tests and both were clearly positive. I made an appointment with my dr. in 3 weeks because they wanted to wait until they could see ...


I Am Pregnant, Cold All the Time and Have Low Blood Pressure

J.H. asks from Portland

I am about 8 weeks along in this pregnancy and am always cold. It is driving me crazy because I can't get warm. I had my first appointment today with my midwife and...


A Question of What to Do??

A.H. asks from Cleveland

Okay so I have a serious question for all you mom's. I recently ended up in the hospital and was very sick. I started what I thought was a Normal period and I do not ...


A 4Th Baby at 34, Father 40? Thoughts, Please!

E.C. asks from Chattanooga

Hello! I would so appreciate any thoughts you can give! I am 34, my husband is 40, and we have three children ages 7, 5, and 2. My husband also takes lisynopril for h...