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Maternity Pads

J.P. asks from Dallas

Ok...thought I'd start another link from my last one since this is specific...I am still wearing my thongs and with the suggestions for maternity panties and maternit...



H.D. asks from Dallas

I need some help or guidance. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 mo. old. I never had problems with hemarroids during my pregnancies it was always after. Once again I am suffe...



T.O. asks from Dallas

I can't sleep at all and now I have a hemerroid...never had one befor eand it hurts soooo bad went and bought some prep h...anyoe know how long this thing takes to go...


Need Hemroid Help!!!!!!!!!!!

S.X. asks from Chicago

just had baby #2 friday : ) My hemmroids are WAY WORSE than last time. I'm doing the prep H, tucks... now sitting in warm water, using a donut. Any other ideas? how ...


Sorry - TMI - Experiences with Tucks Pads?

S.C. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies, hoping someone can let me know what to expect. With this pregnancy (I'm 24 weeks) I have had terrible constipation and hemorrhoids from day 1- in fact that...


Going to the Bathroom Post Pregnancy

K.B. asks from Atlanta

My little girl is 5 weeks old an I have recenty found it so hard to go to the bathroom! When I went it was a lot of blood in the toilet I guess from straining! What c...


Oh Yes, I'm Asking About the "H" Word

K.S. asks from Denver

Ok ladies, I keep putting off asking due to embarassment, but I'm just going to bite the bullet and ask for advice about hemmorhoids. There, I said it. I keep hoping ...


HELP! Intestinal Problems. Kinda Embarrassing

J.H. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had any intestinal problems such as polyps, internal hemoroids, or something more terrible like cancer or crohns disease? I'm 25 years old. I have been exp...


TMI, But I Need a Little Help

T.C. asks from Boise

Hi moms - I know this is going to be TMI but since you are the best resource, I have to ask. Ever since having my baby I've periodically gotten bouts of hemorroids, b...


Pelvic Floor After 3?

J.V. asks from Chicago

I keep going back and forth about having another baby. On some days, I am content with just getting a dog, on others, I fear never hearing the noises a baby makes aga...