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Needing Help on Feeding Toddler!

D.C. asks from Columbus

Hello, I'm feeling so stressed out about feeding my 2 year old son. My husband is concerned that he is not eating well - i.e., not enough good nutrition. He likes t...


Weight for a 4 Year Old???

V.L. asks from Houston

My 41/2 year old daughter went to the doctor last week and the doctor said she was on the verge to get overweight. I am really perplexed because she looks GREAT and ...


4 Year Old Son Is Always Hungry!

S.L. asks from San Francisco

My almost four year old son is always hungry! I do try to feed him healthy nutritious foods and he never seems to get enough. He will typically have oatmeal or eggs a...


Daughter and I Had an Argument

R.D. asks from Richmond

My daughter is 22 and today she bought a bowl of pasta and wanted to eat it in her room while on her computer. I say no only in the kitchen but I will heat it up for ...


Toddler Eating Habits

J.Z. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 3.5 and I am not sure how to classify her eating habits and how I could diversify her diet. In general, she refuses to try anything new and resorts to ...


Slow Eater

M.P. asks from Spartanburg

I am sitting here watching my 2 1/2 year old eating her bowl of cereal. She has been working on it for nearly 45 minutes, and she is not even close to done. She is ...


At What Age Can a Toddler Swallow a Pill?

P.C. asks from Portland

At what age can a toddler safely swallow a pill? This would be a small vitamin. And, how do you "test" this without being afraid that the pill might get stuck? ...


Ideas for Easter Eggs for a 1 Year Old?

S.S. asks from Davenport

I want to have an easter egg hunt for my little man.I know I'm gonna get some little tonka cars but I cant think of anything else.I don't want to give him candy eithe...


Teenage Daughter's Eating Habits

I.M. asks from Grand Forks

My 15 year old daughter absolutely refuses to eat breakfast even though she knows that her blood sugar is low in the morning. She has been checked for diabetes and t...


Need Advice on the Growth of My Daughter

A.G. asks from Washington DC

My 8 yr. old daughter is 5 ft. tall weighs 115 lbs. and wears a size 8 shoe in ladies. She is very active and eats healthy, with occasional junk snacks. She is grow...