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When to Switch from Whole Milk for 2 Year Old

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies, My little boy will be 2 next month. We have his Dr's visit the day before his birthday. I am wondering, will they tell me that it's fine to switch him off...


My Daughter's Lost a Rapid Amount of Weight in the past Month Should I Take Her

L.D. asks from San Antonio

She isn't doing anything different and she's a teen


Eating Habits for Kids

M.B. asks from Birmingham

my older son,11, is overweight for his age, his younger brother,10, is underweight for his age. it is always a constant problem for me because i try to make one eat ...


Ideas on Healthy Meals for a 1 Year Old

S.T. asks from Houston

I'm having a hard time thinking up of a variety of healthy food to feed my 1 year old daughter. We have the snack thing down......she loves the Graduate fruit bars, ...


Switching 2 Year Old from Whole Milk to 1 or 2%

K.L. asks from Las Vegas

Hi! I have a 2 year old son who has been on whole milk since he got off formula at 1 year old. I was wondering what you all did when your child turned 2 - did you sw...


I Cant Get My 2 Year Old to Eat

C.R. asks from Dallas

I need help and advise to get her to start eating...


One Month... No Sex.

B.C. asks from Dallas

My hubby and I have been together for 10 years. I'm crying as I write this b/c I'm so frustrated! We used to have a great sex life. I was always the more intense one,...


Overweight Pre-teen and Poor Eating Habits

T.H. asks from New London

My step-daught is 11 years old and somewhat over weight. She has told us that she is unhappy with her weight, but we're having trouble getting her to change her eati...


My Daughter Will Not Stop Eating...

H.H. asks from Sacramento

My daughter wants to eat all the time! She acts like i never feed her, and she is starving. Every time i go into the kitchen she wants something to eat. If i don't ge...


Tha5 Year Old Afraid to Getting "Fat"

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

Not sure how worried I should be My 5 yr old son is skinny... like underweight skinny. He has also been on low end of growth curve for weight. recently he is not ...