Heart Disease: Child

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Gift for 5 Year Old in Hospital

I'm looking for a nice gift for a precious little 5 year old girl who is recovering from heart surgery in the hospital. She is definitely a "girly-girl." Thanks!

Heart Attack & Stroke

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5 Year Old Snoring

My 5 year old son snores horribly at night. I have spoken with the peditrician numerous times and he always gives me the same answer. My son has very large adnoids (whatever they are) and he says that is the cause of the problem. Thankfully,he has never had any kind of throat issue (infections..etc) so the peditrician said there is really nothing to do about it. He told me to use a humidifer, which I have always used. When he sleeps I can actually see him struggling for air. I compare it to trying to suck something through a straw that's to...


Moody 5 Year Old

Around the time my daughter started school, her moods have changed. She went...