Heart Burn: Teen

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Anxiety and Heart Burn or Ulcer in 16 Year Old

T.R. asks from Lakeland

Ok, so my son it showing some signs of having a little social anxiety all the sudden. He is 16 and for the second time we went somewhere where it got crowded and he ...


Coping with 17 Year Old That Is Pregnant and Moved Out of State with Her Father.

L.M. asks from Spartanburg

I am a single parent of 3 children (17, 14 and 12). My 17 year old daughter is pregnant and has moved out of state to live with her father. I am heartbroken. Her ba...


16 Year Old with Severe Issues During Her Period

R.G. asks from San Antonio

Just wanted to get a feel fo rwhat you think...my 16 year old has had her period since the 5th grade (11 years old). It was never really a problem until this year & l...


JFF When Did You First Feel "The Burn" by Your Child?

B.S. asks from Lansing

So yesterday, my parents were over. My oldest daughter is VERY close with my dad. We started talking about school and she told us about how she made a special valen...


Teen Acne

T.H. asks from Columbus

my 16 year old daughter has really bad acne and it is getting worse. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Tween Did Cinnamon Challenge.... Ugh

C.. asks from Columbia

Ok - so my normally well-behaved, low-risk, A-student got some sort of wild hair last night and did the cinnamon challenge while she had a friend sleeping over. They...


How Did Your Parents Parent YOU as Teens, and Did It "Work"?

R.J. asks from Seattle

Yep! Spinning off. I've noticed a trend lately of toddler parents griping at the way older kids are being parented, tween parents griping at teen parenting, etc.....


Advise Needed!!!!

R.R. asks from Lexington

I thought that I had the perfect family, yes I know mistakes has happened, and not all has been perfect. I found out lastnight, that my 15 year old is pregnant. Not o...


Tween Friendship Issues

A.H. asks from Sacramento

What do you do when your childs best friend suddenly just drops them? My daughter has had the same core group of friends sind kindergarten. She and her BFF have been ...


Dry Chapped Hands

J.D. asks from Grand Forks

We are new to the area and this is our first winter here. My son has really chapped hands and I was wondering if you had some idea that would help? He wont even wear ...