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Healthy Recipes or Shakes

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

i want to know of good and healthy recipes for now that im breastfeeding or shakes..who know of any???or how to make them???


Seeking Healthy Smoothie Recipes

L.B. asks from Atlanta

Hi ya'll. I have some great fruit smoothie recipes for my kids - but I'm actually looking for some healthy "smoothie" recipes for lunch and dinner. Sometimes my ki...


Easy Healthy- Kid Recipes

A.H. asks from Denver

Hi y'all! Need some quick/easy yummy recipes for my picky 2 and 4 year old- they will eat chicken but I feel like all I do is make chicken which is fine but looking f...


Healthy Recipes for an 11 Month Old

V.G. asks from Jackson

I am a terrible cook. I don't know how to season food and make it taste good. My eleven month old baby loves to eat seasoned foods. Does anyone have any recipes fo...


Recipes for Cereal Bars or Healthy Muffins

M.C. asks from Tampa

Hi Mama's do any of you have great recipes for cereal bars or healthy muffins (not cake in disguise :-) My lil guy is VERY PICKY but loves Kashi cereal bars. I've ...


Simple Dinner Recipes Using Healthy Ingredients

T.A. asks from Sacramento

Hello Everyone, I have searched through numerous posts for simple dinner recipe ideas, however, all the responses seem to contain canned soups and other processed ...


Healthy Cake Recipes for Baby's 1St Birthday!

C.D. asks from Raleigh

My baby's first birthday party is coming up this Saturday, and I'm looking for a healthy (but still yummy!) recipe for a small cake for her to eat (OK, so most of it ...


Looking for Healthy Easy Recipes

E.V. asks from Kansas City

Hello. Im looking for easy recipes on the healthier side. Im tired of feeding my son the same stuff. Seems like Im always making spagetti or tacos or grilled chicken....


Need Healthy Easy Recipes

E.H. asks from Houston

Hi Mamas! I need some really good and easy nutritional recipes for my family. Would you please send me your family favorites. I have a couple and wer're getting ti...


Healthy Easy Fast Recipes

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

We try to eat healthy and i love to cook but just dont have the time at night by the time i get home from work or the money for tons of ingredients. We are not picky ...