Healthy Snacks: South Beach

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South Beach Diet

L.T. asks from Dallas

Hello Fellow Mom's, Has any of you tried the "South Beach Diet"? Have you lost weight, how long did it take you, how did you cook for your family and stay on the ...


Has Anyone Tried South Beach Diet or Any Diet That Works Well with Out Starving

P.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi There, I am trying to find a diet program that I have not tried. I have done it all. I don't like counting calories. I don't like eating packaged foods. How is ...


Healthy Snacks

T.S. asks from Houston

Hi mamas... I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am finding myself STARVING in the morning hours. Once I eat lunch I seem to be fine for several hours. I have good high fib...


South Beach Diet Recipes for Meals and Snacks?

M.F. asks from Minneapolis

l've been eating egg whites, turkey meatballs, made a cod stew with lots of veggies. Needs to be low carb and low sodium. This mommy is trying to lose some weight b...


Eating Healthy

K.L. asks from Austin

I have been trying to lose weight for the last 5 years or so, and it's always a failed mission. My husband won't let me cook anything healthy. If I do, I have to cook...


Low Carb Snacks

A.B. asks from Kansas City

Hello Mamas! My doctor wants me to try to limit my carb intake due to hormonal issues. It wasn't until I tried to cut my carbs that I realized what a carb-aholic I ...


Ideas for High Protein Snacks for School

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi! I'd like suggestions of easy, high-protein snacks I can send to my daughter's classroom. She is 3 1/2. I believe she may be hypo-glycemic (I am and I see simil...


Seeking Healthy Snack Ideas

K.E. asks from Portland

Hello! I am looking for healthy (organic is a plus but not required), easy to pack lunch/snack ideas for my 3 year old daughter. She will eat just about anything so...


Healthy, Easy, Tasty Food....

K.S. asks from Seattle

Well, it's time to actually get serious on eating healthy, as a family. I have been feeding my son better than the rest of us, but it's getting to the point where we...


I Need Help with Healthy Meal Ideas.

D.H. asks from Cleveland

I just found out that my 5 year old son's cholesterol is a bit high. I need to get more ideas on healthy snacks and meals. He has a mild milk allergy,so dairy is ver...