Healthy Snacks: Sam's Club

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What Do You Buy at Sam's Club?

A.M. asks from Kansas City

i'm going with my mom in a week or two (she has a membership, i don't) and i am looking for some tips. we are a family of 3 so we won't be buying lots of perishables ...



A.M. asks from Cincinnati

My daughter is in kindergarten and she comes home at 4:00. She is starving when she gets off the bus. So I have been making things like oranges slices, apple slices...


Snacks for Preschool

H.S. asks from Kansas City

My daughter just started preschool and I'm new to this. Parents are responsible for bringing snacks each day for preschool. There are quite a few rules, and I'm just ...


What Are Your Favorite Snacks for Your Kids?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

Hi moms, My son is in all-daykindergarten. He has an early lunch and a 2:00 snack. We are supposed to send 5 days' worth of snacks every Monday. Then the teacher ...


Need Recipes for Easy Snacks,dips Ect

S.L. asks from Cincinnati

My son is Graduating from the Police acadamey and, with my funds very low I want to have a little family party but don't want to ask anyone to bring anything, so I ne...


Healthy Eating for So Many ???!!

A.H. asks from Grand Rapids

OK. I am really struggling on how to properly feed my kids while staying on budget. I have completely eliminated high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils exce...


Yummy Easy Lunch Ideas

D.P. asks from Sacramento

OK it's that time of the year, summer break, means the kids are going to be home for lunch. I really dont like to give them too many sandwhiches over their school br...


Grocery Planning, Not Dinners

M.R. asks from Rochester

Just looking for a few new ideas while my husband and I re-budget for the fall and winter. We are doing pretty well with planning specific meals, but after tracking ...


Kids + Vegetables: How Do You Sneak Them In?

A.D. asks from Philadelphia

My kids have great a great breakfast, a good lunch, and a few healthy snacks during the day. By dinnertime they're tired and not hungry and it's the first time they'v...


Spending Way Too Much at the Store! How Do I Cut Back?>

V.F. asks from Shreveport

I need to cut back on grocery spending. I spend about $1,000 a month for a family of four. That includes everything, food and personal care. I do use coupons and ...