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Diabetic Birthday Cake

S.W. asks from Denver

Hi everyone. We are celebrating my oldest daughter's birthday this weekend with my husband's side of the family. My SIL was just diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, he...


Bad Breath

C.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Everyone! I've had a problem with halitosis (bad breath) for years. I'm never without gum, mints, or breath fresheners, but those don't seem to help. I brush ...


Gestational Diabetes - Menu Ideas

M.S. asks from Chicago

So I just recently found out I have gestational diabetes and am still waiting to meet with my dietician. In the meantime, can anyone who's been through it give me som...


Teenage Acne

H.B. asks from McAllen

I know this is a common problem, but my 13 year old beautiful daughter had acne bad, She has it on her face, chest, shoulders and back. She is a clean person and wash...


Prenatal Vitamin

B.C. asks from Albuquerque

What advise would you have on taking the right prenatal vitamin? So, many out there and I want to pick the right one for me. Any thoughts?


Prenatal Vitamins

D.M. asks from Chicago

My OB/GYN gave me 3 different samples of prenatal vitamins to see which I like best. This is new to me b.c when I had my daughter in March 07 the dr told me to just t...