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Prozac and Pregnancy

A.N. asks from Cleveland

Hi Ladies, I am wondering if anyone has continued to take Prozac during their pregnancy. I am new to the area, and I don't know my doctors very well. I am getting ...


Husband Lost Job - Need Money Saving Tips

M.S. asks from Dallas

My husband lost a very good job yesterday and it was a total shock. We have lived comfortably and we have some money in savings. We are already looking for ways to ...


Rights in the Doc Office

A.R. asks from Kansas City

This one is tricky. My boyfriend of 1 year has an ex-wife. Well she has a job in a doctors office. I found out the hard way of course, her walking in to take temps on...


Need Help Fast

T.M. asks from Terre Haute

Ok, I had my son almost 18 months ago. Paid all the bills I owe, or so I thought. A few months ago, I got this bill out of the blue from a doctor I had never heard of...


Special Needs Learning Centers in the Flint Area

C.P. asks from Detroit

hi, my name is C.. my grandson is autistic. i am trying to help my daughter out. she lives in flint and does not have internet. but she needs day care for her special...



J.F. asks from Chicago

I just started a new job and finally have health insurance. Thank goodness! Now I have to make the decision between PPO or HMO. The HMO costs a lot less a month, b...


3 Year Old Needs Cap on Front Tooth and a Cavity Fixed.

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

We took our son to Dentistry for Children & Adolescents. They told us our son would have to be put down to cap his tooth and fix a cavity. Ok fine no big deal. They s...


Seeking Advice on Pregnancy Without Insurance

B.D. asks from Austin

Hi all, One of my best friends has made the decision with her husband to have a baby. She is employed and has terrible insurance through her employer. Apparently it ...


Help with Insurance

G.L. asks from Los Angeles

HI moms, My husband as you know is diabetic and we just found out today that they cancelled his medical can anyone help.