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Paying for Daycare When Its Closed During Bad Weather

Do you guys thinks its fair to have to pay for daycare when its closed because of bad weather. My daycare closes when school is closed and I dont think its fair to pay when my son isnt there. Especially today when I had to miss work and I dont get paid for it. Does anyone suggest another daycare that you know that wont do that? I hate to pull him out because he loves it there but I cannot afford this either. and by the way it is an in home daycare. It does say that she will be closed in the manual but its unclear if its payed and I am...


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My 21 Month Old Not Talking

Hi moms. I have a 21 month old little girl. She is not saying any words. She can say mama and dada but never refers to us as that. She may say cheese, uh-oh, and i think thats it. She said Dora at 12 months for a weekend and then never again. I try to encourage her to say things before she gets them like: swing, milk, juice, up, down, please and thank you. All i EVER get is the sound, uh-guh. she makes that sound for EVERY word i want her to say. She is very smart, i guess i have nothing to compare. There's no doubt that she can...