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Air Travel Security

S.M. asks from Seattle

Hello Moms! Could you give me an idea of what I can bring on the plane in regards to juice and food? I have a one year old who is still nursing/bottle feeding with ...


Airplane Toys

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- We've got a long flight ahead of us with our 3.5 year old. Last time we did a trip like this, he was just under 2 and the Mellisa & Doug Latched bo...


Air Travel w/Breastpump?

L.V. asks from Washington DC

Hi ladies, I have to travel for work next week. This will be my first trip by air since my son was born. We nurse 4x/day, so it is essential that I pump and bring ...


Did You Have a Carseat When You Were a Kid?

K.F. asks from Salinas

So many questions are sparking other questions in my mind this morning. I am 45 years old and not only did I NEVER use a carseat as a child I had never even seen o...


Air Travel W/ Sick Baby

D.B. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies, would like some input on those who have had to travel w/ a sick child. my son has a temp 101. hoping it goes down by wednesday but if not we have to fly to...


16 Month Old on an Airplane

S.T. asks from Salt Lake City

My 16 month old son and I are going to Travel to my parents, and I am having anxiety about the airplane ride. He is a very rambunctious little guy who can't EVER sit ...


Is Birth Certificate Required for Child's Travel??

A.R. asks from Madison

I'm thinking about taking a trip with my soon to be 2 year old son. He has never been on an airplane before. I noticed on the airline's website that if the child is...


Car Seat for Air Travel for 3.5 Yo

K.B. asks from Boston

We're flying with our 1 yo old and 3.5 yo. The 1 yo will be on my lap. We will check his car seat. Question is: do I use a car seat for the 3.5 yo. He's pretty ta...


Peapod Travel Bed/tent?

C.P. asks from Chicago

Has anyone tried the Pea Pod travel bed/tent? My daughter is now too long for the pack and play but SO not ready for a big bed. We have a fair amount of travel over...


Advice on Boosters for Travel and in General

D.B. asks from Philadelphia

I am considering purchasing a backless booster seat to take on an upcoming family trip (to be used in the airplane and taxi to/from the destination). My children are...