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Travel Anxiety

M.K. asks from Dallas

We will be getting on a plane with a 22 month old embarking on a 9 hour flight to the UK...........once we get there we will be with family but getting there is what ...


How to Survive a 13 Hour Plane Trip with a 17 Month Old??

A.B. asks from Portland

My husband and I are flying from West coast US to Australia next month with our 17 month old son. His favorite word is down and he is NOT a cuddler!!! I am starting t...


17 Hr. Car Ride! Any Ideas to Keep 13 Month Old Occupied?

K.M. asks from Hickory

My husband, myself, and our 13 month old daughter are leaving on Friday for a 17 hour ride. No, not for the scenery!!! We are heading to my in-laws in NH, for Thanks...


International Travel

A.H. asks from Dallas

I will go on international air travel with my 11 month old baby boy. Is there any advice you can give me to make the flight as smooth as possible?


OverSeas Travel

L.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I have a 1 yr old and a 4.5 year old and we are traveling by air later this month to the Philippines. I've never been on a plane :x and neither have my ch...


Need Advice on Taking a Road Trip with a 14 Month Old

S.K. asks from Dallas

We are about to take a 10 hr trip with my 14 month old son. I am very nervous about it. The last thing I want is to be stuck in a car with ten hours of screaming. ...


Travel Oversees with 1Year Old

D.M. asks from Allentown

We will go for Xmas to Europe to visit our family. We will spend 8 hours on the plane...going from US to Europe the flight is overnight and going backwards the flight...


Seeking Car Travel Advice

S.W. asks from Portland

my husband and i are planning a road trip and wondering what time of day would be the best time to drive for our, then, 14 mo. old son. we will be driving a 10hr. st...


Help!! Our 7 Month Old Doesn't like His Carseat

T.G. asks from Milwaukee

We have a 7 month old son who doesn't like riding in cars. He all of a sudden has developed a disliking for being in his carseat. He's fine when we go short distanc...


10 Month Old in Carseat for 5 Hours

N.W. asks from San Diego

I am getting ready to take a little get away trip this weekend. After mapquesting it we realized that this is going to be a five hour drive and that causes a little ...