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Car Sick Child

My 3yo daughter is getting sick in the car. We live about 45 min from my parents so we drive there fairly regular. After about 20 in the car she starts to complain about her tummy hurting. She has actually vomited in the car several times. Does any one else have this problem? If so what are you doing about it?


Potty Chair Types

We're a ways from needing this, but I wanted to find out what worked best...


Booster Seat Reviews

I am looking for booster seat reviews like from consumer reports. We are...

Potty Training

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Potty Train Now?

My daughter turned 18 months yesterday. I received a bulletin from that said I could go ahead and buy a small toilet for my daughter to get used to seeing and possibly to use. She meets all the "signs" they list for being ready. Is it really time for that? Or is it too early? I do know that it is VERY important not to push this issue upon my daughter. Would purchasing one and just having it around be alright? Or should I wait? If I should get one, any recommendations on which one to get? I know some make noise when...

Skin, Hair & Bath Care

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From Infant Tub to Bath Seat?

I have a 6month old who is growing out of his infant tub. He wants to sit up in it, and it's not made that way. I was looking at the few bath seats that are on the market. I was looking at the safety 1st tubside bath seat. Any comments on it? I wanted to get some advice from you experienced moms before I bought one.


Bath Ring/seat Advice

I'm looking for a bath ring/seat to use with my 5 1/2 month old in our "big"...


Baby Bath Question

Hello all, I have been using a WONDERFUL baby bath for the last seven...


Pre-teen Skin Care

I have a friend whose 10 year daughter is starting to break out, primarily...


Sleeping Habits

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Which Booster Seat: Britax Frontier 85, Safety 1St Vantage, or Go Hybrid?

I value your opinions! Both my kids (4 and 6) have outgrown their Britax Marathon and need to move to a booster seat. I strongly prefer one that offers a 5 point harness to secure my kids for as long as possible. I found the following three: Britax Frontier 85 Safety 1st Vantage Safety 1st Go Hybrid Do any of you ladies have any of these booster...

Stages & Milestones

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Convertible Car Seat V. Booster Seat

UPDATED: I'm trying to decide between a rear-facing/front facing convertible car seat and a front-facing/booster seat (Britax Frontier 85) for when my son is 2 and front facing. I know that booster seats are generally less safe than teh convertible car seats but I thought that was b/c of the lack of a 5 point harness. Britax Frontier HAS a 5 point harness so I'm wondering if its stil less safe than the convertible car seat or if they are now equally safe... What are the advantages/disadvantages of booster v. convertible car seat? Does...

Taking Temperature

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Safety 1St Thermometer

Hello, I have the safety 1st thermometer for the arm, rectum and mouth...The instructions came with the different temperatures for each option. So what measures in the mouth is different from under the arm. Well I cannot find it. So I was wondering if anyone had that information. Also, I use the one for under the arm and I am not sure if it is accurate. Any thoughts/advice?? Thanks so much:)