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Sleeping Habits

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Sleep Problems in a Preschooler

My daughter is 3 1/2 and NEVER sleeps through the night. She was a great sleeper from 6 months until about 18 months, but starting at that point she began fighting us about bedtimes and then waking constantly throughout the night. When we put her to bed she screams and whines for hours, getting out of her bed and standing at her door asking us to come and cover her up again, read her another book, get her a drink, find her security blanket (lost in her bedcovers), etc. We almost always end up giving in to her screaming and whining after...

Stages & Milestones

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How to Get My Daughter Tested for Kindergarten

Who do I call to look into having my 4 1/2 year old tested for Kindergarten? She misses the cutoff by 10 days (will be 5 on December 12). She's had one year of Preschool and we re-enrolled her fore Pre-K at the Preschool since she missed the cutoff for K. However, we're starting to get concerned that she might get bored if we hold her back. She knows how to write all of the alphabet letters, and what each one sounds like and can sound out words. She's doing math (addition & subtraction). She also gets along very well with older kids ...