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I Feel like a Horrible Mom!!! AM I ALONE???

Okay here i go again. My son is 3. he has many many many emotional issues. and i do as well i guess. I just never seem to be able to keep my cool at least not all the time. i try so hard to stay calm but sometimes i just have to yell. i dont hit him or anything crazy but i yell. and sometimes i have to stop myself and go outside and cry. it really just seems like he doesnt hear me unless i yell and then he gets the hint that he isnt the boss but why do i have to yell to get him to pay attention and stop acting the incorrect way??!!!!this...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...

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Help with Cleaning of Bath Toys

My 3+ year old daughter goes through phases in bath toys. She hasn't played with many of her ducks and other animals in a long time. Just recently she's brought them into the bathtub, but they are filled with smelly, moldy dirt. Any suggestions for cleaning? I have used bleach in the past. How about the dish washer, top rack? Thanks.


Cleaning Bath Toys

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and like evereyone else we have had bath...


Pre-teen Skin Care

I have a friend whose 10 year daughter is starting to break out, primarily...