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We're Taking Our 17-Month Old on an 8-Hour Car trip...suggestions?!

We'll be travelling from the Tampa-area to Atlanta and I'm looking for suggestions on how to keep my 17-month old entertained in the car. We have travelled with him in the car before, but we drove mainly at night, while he slept. This time around he (or we) doesn't have that luxury. Any advice would be greatly appreciated for how to make this long car ride more bearable for all of us. Thanks!

Potty Training

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Potty Training Advice

Help please! My son is 3 1/2. I started potty training him not long after he turned 3. He really got the pee-pee thing down, never wets in his pants and never wets the bed. However, he will not poo-poo on the potty at all! He will go in his pants and then tell me he has poopoo. He used to really go but now he doesn't want to go in his pants as much so he just goes a little bit and holds it in his bottom. The problem is he does this all day because he won't really go. I have tried EVERYTHING! We have tried rewards, stickers, candy,...