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Besides an epidural....what Else Is Available During Labor

I am exploring other pain management options during labor...the feedback I've heard so far..has either been to go all-natural(drug-free) birth or an epidural. I have heard of hypnobirthing,Lamaze techniques and so on...but are there other medicated options that's somewhere in between?

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Birthing Options--lamanze, Bradley, Etc.

I definately want to have my baby at a hospital under the care of an OB. I've got a labor doula who will be present at the birth, as will my husband. I want to try to minimize medication. I'm hoping for some feedback on how the various birth methods have worked (or hasn't worked) for mothers. I know a bit about some of them, just not how they work in real life. Mostly I'm interested in lamaze or bradley, but if there are others you found very effective that still can be performed in a hospital, I'd like to hear about those to. ...

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All Natural Childbirth

I have three kids and one of the way. I had epidurals with all three of my kids. One of the epidurals didn't take and only my right leg was numb so I push my 8.12 lbs baby boy out feeling every bit of it! I've decided to go all natural with this baby and don't know where to begin with a birth plan. Can anyone who has delivered all natural give me some pointers on what I need to research? I took Lamaze with my first but that was over 7 years ago so I would like to do another birth class. Which one did you do? Another concern I have is I had...


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To Lamaze or Not to Lamaze, That Is My Question. :)

I had planned on going to a birthing class, i.e. lamaze class, althoug a few of my friends with kids say to save our time and money. I am not a big proponent of Lamaze, although I just thought it was a class that all pregnant women took to prepare for childbirth. I know you can never know exactly what is going to happen when the time comes, but would it be worth it to take the class? We will be doing a parenting class, but I need suggestions from other mom's about the importance or lack thereof of Lamaze. Thanks!