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Swine Flu: Travel with My 11 Month Old?

I am scheduled to fly to Dallas Texas this Sunday with my 11 month old son on my lap and I'm very nervous about flying with him. I realize that I can personally take percaustions but I'm not certain I can keep my son from touching everything and then keep his fingers out of his mouth. I can easily postpone my trip until this swine flu has stabalized..what do you moms think?


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19 Month Old Soaks Clothes/crib at Nightime

my 19 month old son wakes up every morning soaked, clothes and sheets. I use huggies overnights and I put a maxi pad inside the diaper, point his privates down, (I read this before) and I have limited his drinks (not stopped) before bed. every morning I have to give him another bath, strip bed, clean mattress, etc. any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to take away his nightime bottle, he really seems to enjoy it, and it's part of our routine, I give him 4 oz. also, even though the crib mattress is plastic on the outer cover and I...


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Seeking Advice on Pullups/training Pants

Hi Moms! My daughter is almost three (in July) and has been daytime potty-trained for about three months. She's doing great!! She was even dry overnight for the last couple of months. She's in underpants all day with frequent trips to the potty, and I've been putting diapers on her overnight. She's recently started wetting overnight again, which I'm okay with - she's pretty little to be dry all night! Before we buy more diapers, I'm thinking of going the way of pull-ups. I've heard that Huggies have a tendancy to leak, so I'm...


Potty Then Telling

I know everyone as questions about potty training, and well as a first time...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Luvs V. Huggies?

Hi All We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we all!) and I was wondering if anyone has used Luvs diapers? Huggies have worked best for our kids, historically (fewer leaks than Pampers). Any advice is appreciated!


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What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

Hi I was wondering what products many of you recommend for an infant (2 month old) who has a very bad sandpaper like rash all over her body. Her back is actually peeling today since her skin has been so dry. I did take her to her Pediatrician who ruled out any illness. He stated it may be sensitive skin or she may be having a reaction to a food that I am eating as she also has very bad reflux along with it. I use dreft detergent on all clothes/linens that come into contact with her. I use Eucerin on her skin which does seem to help a...


Advice for New Moms

Hi. I was trying to get a little starter book together for a cousin who is...


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Huggies Vs. Huggies Supreme

I am having a diaper dilemma! My son is over 2 now, and he's been wearing the regular Huggies diapers since he was a baby. I have always liked them, but lately the size 6 diapers have been getting too tight on him. I don't think they make a size bigger than 6, do they? Anyways, so I decided to try the Huggies Supreme to see if they would be roomier for him. He has been wearing the Supremes for about 5 days now, and I've noticed a couple of problems. First, when he sweats a lot his inner thighs are turning green (the same color as the...


New Pull on Huggies?

I saw a commerical last night for pull on huggies... Has anyone seen these...


Luvs V. Huggies?

Hi All We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we...


When to Exercise?

I am about 20 pounds overweight, due to having 3 kids and lack of self...

Home Remedies

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Natural Remedies for Red, Itchy Rash

My 21 month old boy has this large red rash on his bum/lower back. It started out small and didn't bother him and it was getting better but just this morning I got him out of bed and it is much worse and he is itching it now. The red areas are slightly raised and some areas are peeling. We are letting him run around with out his diaper as much as possible and we use Seventh Generation diapers so I know it isn't a sensitivity to his diaper. So, far we have just been using Earth's Best diaper rash onitment. I am wondering if any one has...


Diaper Rash Remedies

Does anyone have any good diaper rash remedies? I've tried the over the...


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Huggies Diapers Recommendations

Hi, I am looking for feedback regarding Huggies diapers. I already use the Huggies Overnights, which work wonderfully. But I'm looking for a day time diaper (made by Huggies) that doesn't leak. I had tried one once (I forget which one it was, a friend had given me one to use at her house one afternoon), and it leaked. Can anyone give me some good Huggies diaper recommendation and feedback? It would be greatly appreciated!!


Target Brand Diapers

We have been using Huggies Little movers exclusively for about 6 months. I...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...

Illnesses & Symptoms

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Huggies Overnights Question

OK, My son has been in Huggies Overnights for two years now and they have always been great. We recently started putting him the Size 6 and they are no longer working! They get so full that not only do they leak, but they bust open causing that crystal type stuff to go all over him and his bed. It's awful. We have to bathe him every morning now. Has anyone had this problem? Could we just have a bad batch and I should buy a new box and try again? Has anyone got any other recommendations? My son is no where near being potty trained,...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...


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"Diaper Rash Cream Is Supposed to Hurt."

"Diaper rash cream is supposed to hurt." Those are the exact words from my dad.. . . Is this true???? I don't believe it, but my dad is adamant about it. My son is the point of needing to get a prescription for his diaper rash. I currently using Boudreaux's Butt Paste and it's not working. I have tried all the "natural" ways including baking soda bath, let it air out, Vaseline, chamomile tea in bath. I also have tried a little of the Up and Up diaper rash cream which is the one that is hurting my son. The second it touches his skin all...


Severe Diaper Rash

My 16 month old was sick. We went to the dr and was given a medication to...

Potty Training

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How to Help My Son Potty Train!!

Okay. He is only 2 1/2 and I know they say that boys usually trainn around 3 or 31/2! Do you guys have any pointers in what to do, he will sit on his potty when I go, but does nothing. I liked the idea of giving a skittle or M&M, from jon and kate plus eight, when they actually do something. Is that really a good idea to give him candy? I also have a 1 1/2 year old son and I know he is to young to learn, should I just wait a year and train them together? Hope I am making sense. Anyone with potty training advice, please advise me. ...


When to Potty Train?

I have twin girls, almost 18 months old. One of my daughters is constantly...


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Causes of Diaper Rash

Hi! My son recently turned one and has started having problems with developing diaper rash. Up until now, we haven't had too much of a problem with this but recently it has become an ongoing issue. I always change his diaper as soon as I know that it is soiled so I don't think this is the issue. I have talked to his peditrician about what could be causing the flare ups and was told that it could be a reaction to something that he is eating. He informed me the only way to find out which food was causing the reaction was to start all...


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Huggies or Pampers

Does any one have a preference? My baby has extremely sensitive skin, and gets yeast infections supper easily when she is in a disposable diaper. I try to use cloth as much as possible, but sometimes I get tired of the extra work. (I know they aren't THAT much work but sometimes I just don't want to deal with them) my daughters skin does really well in the cloth diapers. When I do use disposables I use Kirkland, pretty sure they are huggies, cant tell the difference. Has anyone had better success with another brand?


Luvs V. Huggies?

Hi All We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we...

Sleeping Habits

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Anyone Tried Huggies Slip On's

My Spring Break is coming up, so I'm planning to potty train our almost 3 year old. I'm thinking of getting Huggie's Slip On's instead of pull-ups for naptime/bedtime. He has worn a pull-ups to bed a couple of times and always ended up soaking wet part way through the night. I'm hoping the Slip-On's are more absorbent. He wears Huggies diapers right now, but he wears a size 5. I've heard the Slip-On's run smaller and that a size 5 is the biggest size, so I'm not actually sure these are a good option. Anyone have any thoughts or...


Diaper Size Question

we use Huggies Overnights for bedtime & we love them. however, my son is...

Stages & Milestones

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Starting Potty Training for 20 Month Old

My son has started showing interest in wanting to be potty trained. I got the neat dvd from huggies and watched it and all but really didn't that much info from it. I was wondering how other parents rewarded their kids after potty success!!! I have started yet but we will be as soon as we run out of the pack of diapers we are going to go to the store and buy big boy undies (pull-ups). Thanks for your help in advance, T.


Pull Up's at Night

My just turned 5 year old daughter has been daytime potty trained for 2...