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Which Bottles Are Best???

I am 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and I am trying to figure out what kind of bottles to get. Everyone that I know has thrown in their two cents about my plans not to breastfeed long. In a few more weeks I will be a wife, a mom, a full time student and a part time preschool teacher so please forgive me if I don't expect the breastfeeding to continue much after delivery. I am fully aware of the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding but I'm not sure if I will be able to incorporate it into my hectic life...Which is why I really want to...

Childhood Illnesses

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What Do You Think About Negative Press over Plastic Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups?

I just wanted to get some other moms opinions on the articles I have read about plastic bottles and sippys. Studies have shown that bottles and sippys made out of polycarbonate can leach out a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A into the milk. I am not sure if this is only if the bottle or cup is heated or if it does it all the time. They say sterilizing them can also break the plastic down. I have always used Dr. Browns for my baby and she will only drink her formula heated. I don't put it in the microwave I just sit in a cup of hot...


Hungry 3 Month Old

I have a son who turned 3 months old last week. He was doing really well,...


Revise My Dilemma

I would like to be more specific with the problems I'm having with my 3...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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5 Month Old Gasps for Air! Help

Just about 4-5 days ago, my 5-month old started making these gasping noises like he couldn't breathe. Usually it happens shortly after he has a bottle of formula. I think it might be baby acid reflux because sometimes I hear the milk come up his throat and he has to swallow it back down. It's usually the worst at night right before he goes to bed. I make sure that I feed him well before I lay him down because that gives his tummy a little more time to digest his food. He also cries from the stomach pain and arches his back. I'm not sure...


Is This Odd?

My daughter used to love taking baths as most children. Then about 3-4...


What to Get

I have no idea what I need and what's the best for my buck. Can any...


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Dr. Browns Bottles

Hello, my son is 5 months old and I feed him with Dr. Browns bottles. He tries to hold the bottle but his muscles are not strong enough yet. My question is, when my son is strong enough to hold a bottle would you recommend him using Dr. Browns or should I change to a shorter/fatter bottle (such as Avent) that may be easier to hold? He was very gassy and had problems digesting but he is doing great now. I prefer not to buy new bottles but Dr. Browns seem difficult for an infant to hold. Has anyone had experience with Dr. Browns?

Taking Temperature

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Bottles: Which to Choose???

I'm trading in my Dr. Browns bottles for some BPA-free bottles but not sure what to get. I've hated the Dr. Browns from the start. They have too many parts! I'm getting them at BRU and I don't want anything fancy. My little one has had a lot of spit-up so I'm thinking vented is good. So that leaves me with Avent or Playtex Drop-Ins? Pros, Cons, anyone?? Anyone have any recommends?


BPA In Baby Bottles

I have been reading a lot lately about BPA in baby bottles. I am starting...