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Air Travel with Britax Marathon

T.H. asks from Phoenix

I have a 2 year old and planning on going on a 6 hour plane trip. We purchased a seat for out toddler and prefer to use a carseat since otherwise she won't sit still....


Britax Car Seats

J.C. asks from Chicago

Can anyone give their advice/experience regarding the Britax carseats? I am interested in a few of them, the Marathon, Decathalon and the Boulevard. I was very inte...


Did You Have a Carseat When You Were a Kid?

K.F. asks from Salinas

So many questions are sparking other questions in my mind this morning. I am 45 years old and not only did I NEVER use a carseat as a child I had never even seen o...


Is Birth Certificate Required for Child's Travel??

A.R. asks from Madison

I'm thinking about taking a trip with my soon to be 2 year old son. He has never been on an airplane before. I noticed on the airline's website that if the child is...


Any Advice on a Good Forward Facing Car Seat That Is Not a Britax or a Radian?

N.S. asks from Columbus

Hi everybody It is time for us to think about putting our son in a forward facing car seat. I've looked at car seats extensively and am just not able to decide on o...


Advice on Buying a Toddler Car Seat for Air Travel

M.G. asks from Seattle

Maybe you can share your experiences with me... As our daughter has outgrown the infant car seat, we are looking to size up. We have already purchased an Evenflo Tri...


Car Seat for Air Travel for 3.5 Yo

K.B. asks from Boston

We're flying with our 1 yo old and 3.5 yo. The 1 yo will be on my lap. We will check his car seat. Question is: do I use a car seat for the 3.5 yo. He's pretty ta...


Car Seats After Infant Carseat

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, Our 10 mo (soon to be 11 mo) old son is growing out of his infant car seat and we're looking for a next one. However, I'm a bit confused. After the infant car s...


Will Two Carseats Fit Side by Side on an Airplane?

N.S. asks from Las Vegas

Hi, has anyone ever traveled on Allegiant with two Britax Roundabouts side by side? I bought a seat for each of my 14 month old twins and will be traveling without my...


Air Travel with 2 Year Old

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I need advice. We are traveling to Virginia this summer and my daughter's car seat is very large (britax). For safety, what do you recommend on the plane? Her ...