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Health Insurance

S.E. asks from Dallas

Hi moms. I'm seeking health insurance for my family. My company just closed down and Cobra payments is just not an option for us. Has anyone had any luck in findin...


Health Insurance

E.G. asks from New York

My husband and I are both self employed. We need to change our health insurance as our cobra plan is running out. Does anyone have good/bad experiences they want to s...


Health Insurance...

R.. asks from Chattanooga

My fiance and I are finally in a position that we can afford to buy health insurance... barely. His job doesn't offer any insurance plans, so we have to find our own...


Health Insurance

S.D. asks from Austin

I was wondering if anyone out there has a good health insurance with decent maternity coverage. Right now I'm with Mega Life Insurance and it's good but doesn't cover...


Health Insurance

L.J. asks from San Diego

Hi ladies...I have a health insurance question that I'm hoping someone can help me with! I am about 19 weeks pregnant and we currently have an individual health insu...


No Health Insurance

M.C. asks from Provo

Hi I wanted to become pregnant again this summer, but just found out yesterday that my husband's insurance at work does NOT cover maternity. (We just have a sort of "...


Health Insurance

M.H. asks from Lima

My husbands work offered him insurance, but it's VERY expensive so we are wanting to get it somewhere so I was just wondering anyone knows any good places that aren't...


Health Insurance Info

D.M. asks from Wilmington

Hi, Does anyone have any advice/experience with purchasing family health insurance?


Health Insurance

N.H. asks from Tucson

I have found out that i an going to have a baby.I have no insurance i am on my third month and have not seen a OBGYN yet I have been waiting to here back from kidsca...


Health Insurance

T. asks from Dallas

My sister just found out she was pregnant w/ her first child due in June...not her first pregnancy (she had a miscarrage 6 years ago) The baby will have RH- blood ty...