Health Insurance: Adult Child

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Insurance for the Uninsured

D.C. asks from Philadelphia

In October my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer (stage 4). It traveled to her brain, which she has two tumors. She completed radiation and will begin chemo the en...


Do You Have Life Insurance? How Much Is Enough?

M.. asks from Youngstown

Hi Moms, I have been thinking a lot lately about life insurance. In February I had surgery and after the surgery I developed Sepsis. I was very very sick. There wa...


18 Year Old Daughter

A.M. asks from Columbus

Hi, My 18 year old daughter is sleeping overnight with a boyfriend. I have told her that this is not acceptable to me and that it is definetly not ladylike. She t...


Any Advice on Mental Health Care Costs for Adult Child?

T.S. asks from Detroit

I do have insurance however costs are so high. Now prescribed Latuda. $200 a month with insurance. Help?


Ground Rules for Adult Child Moving Home

M.M. asks from Dallas

Our son graduated college in May. He works as a freelance camera man in the TV & film industry and rents a room in a house from a friend. His housemate's girlfriend...


Adult Daughter Not Responding Again

J.V. asks from New York

I am now more than fed up about this. I cannot believe she does this to me knowing it hurts me. It is so upsetting. I just want to talk to her for five minutes to sha...


Help for a Mom of a Unruly 18 Year Old Daughter

N.L. asks from San Diego

Hello to all you mommas out there. I have an 18 year old daughter who is 2 months from turning 19. Since elementary school and up until high school, she was a scholar...


A Soon to Be 18 Year Old Highschool Daughter

B.B. asks from Lake Charles

my daughter will be 18 next month and im concerned she wants to move out with her boyfriend,she is a senior in highschool and we are having trouble with rules i worry...


18 Year Old Driving Me Nuts! (Long Vent! LOL)

K.K. asks from Saginaw

my son is driving me crazy! there are ssssoooo many things that I seem to be at the end of my rope with him about and just need to vent. 1.) he doesn't have his ...


Adult Daughter and a Selfish Boyfriend

D.C. asks from Clarksville

My adult daughter , who is sick and waiting for a in a relationship with a young man who lives 2000 miles away. She says he wants to marry her and sh...